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The Global Internet Summit in London last weekend has converted a concept development idea into a need for massive action.

A few weeks ago, four of us from the monthly  Smart Marketing meetup decided that as our monthly meetings had slowly expanded from a couple of hours on a Saturday morning to fill most of the day it was time for us to become better organised.

So we started to think about using our accumulated experience and knowledge to create a training process for budding internet marketers.

Last weekend at GIS changed all that.  The market demand for a step by step approach to online marketing, especially for individuals and small off-line businesses looking to develop their business online at a reasonable price was staring us in the face.  Laurie Dalton and I rapidly ran out of business cards and had to resort to exchanging scraps of paper with interested entrepreneurs.

The result is that we are taking massive action and putting together the facilities to provide reasonably priced training at a pace that individuals can absorb without having to take chunks out of their credit card to get there.

The work in progress is over at  If you are interested then do please visit and register so that we can communicate with you about meetings and the training we will be able to provide.

Bruce Bird

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Learning About Internet Marketing

You need to learn about internet marketing and one way is to learn from others with more experience. The easiest way to do this is to read other marketers blogs. But you need to learn effectively and surfing every internet marketing blog under the sun is not an effective use of your time.

So make sure that whatever marketing blog you are reading is delivering useful information. It can be from the author themselves or just pointing you to other sources of useful information. If they’ve got style about them then so much the better.

Here’s a collection of internet marketing blogs that I’ve found useful.

1) Michael Fortin Blog: Copywriting and marketing tips from a man who is too brilliant for words. Michael is an expert copywriter who has done work for John Reese and many of the other top marketers. Without good copy you can’t sell a thing, so learning all you can about persuasive writing is a must for your to do list.

2) Willie Crawford: An experienced online marketer, Willie is considered one of the world’s leading Internet marketing experts. Listen to Willie, he “walks the talk” and can teach you a lot about the world of online marketíng.

3) Entrepreneurs Journey: The bloggers blogger, Yaro Starak made his money just from blogging and his blog tells you how. And if there is ever a model to emulate then there’s one right here.

4) Skip Mcgrath.If Ebay is your thing then Skip’s blog is a must. An expert at selling items on Ebay, and an experienced author of several books, Skip covers all of the ins and outs of earning money with Ebay.

5) Jensense: Jennifer helps you to make sense of contextual advertising and helps publishers to earn more money. Topics include Google Adsense and other similar contextual ad programs.

6) Marketing Pilgrim: Originally launched by Internet marketer Andy Beal way back in 2005. This blog covers the latest marketing news, reviews and other items related to online advertising.

7) Yahoo Publisher Network: Everything you ever wanted to know about Yahoo’s Publisher Network but were afraid to ask. All of your questions are answered here.

8) Matt Cutts: A Google employee since 2000, Matt discusses all things Google on his Blog. He also covers search engine optimization and other interesting gadgets he runs across online. If Google is your thing, all is revealed here.

9) Bruce Clay: Since 1996 way before it was cool to be on the net Bruce Clay has been teaching those about search engine optimization and online marketíng. He really knows his “stuff” and you can tell that by his concrete informative posts which go into great detail.

10) Clickz: Clickz always has the latest dish on Internet marketing. Serving news and expert advice since 1997.

11) Jim Edwards: Jim Edwards blog “I Gotta Tell You” is a multi-media blog. Covering numerous topics related to makíng money onlíne, Jim always has a funny story to tell. He has a strong personality, so if you like that you’ll enjoy Jim’s blog.

12) Marnie Pehrson: Marnie is the creator of and covers all things related to article marketing and other online marketíng strategies. Again, she’s been online for years and has much wisdom when it comes to gaining traffic from your short articles.

13) Google Adsense: If you use Adsense by Google to generate an income you’ll want to subscribe to this blog. Tons of tips and tutorials to improve your earnings.

14) Search Engine Diva: Ginette Degner has been providing search engine optimization and Internet marketing consulting for over 16 years. She’s good and also has a great sense of humor.

15) When you talk about Internet marketing you can’t forget about John Reese. The only online marketer I know of who made a million dollars in one day when he launched his Traffic Secrets course.

16) Joel Osborne: Joel has been making a living online for the past several years and has numerous web sites and products. Another expert when it comes to learning how to improve traffic and sell online.

17) Jonathan Leger: Jonathan Leger has been earning a living online since 2004. His blog discusses search engine optimization, Adsense and online marketíng.

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Grabbing The Attention Of The Press

There’s a post over on SlyMarketing blog today about the difficulty of getting press attention to your latest and greatest idea – particularly the product or service you might be marketing. The difficulty he identifies is that the local newspaper is focused on something else, namely soccer! what else and the specific local area.

This is an extreme example but encapsulates not so much the difficulty of how to get press attention but rather the opportunity it opens up. This is a traffic generation strategy much loved by Andrew Reynolds, one of the UKs leading direct mail marketers.

His advice is not to write a press release and ship it off to every journal under the sun. Rather to research the publications that are big in your niche, study the style of their articles and then write an article for them. Note I said an article, not a press release.

The editors of most niche publications are desperate for copy. Something, anything to fill those empty spaces that will attract readers because it is the reader numbers that attract the advertisers that pay their salaries.

If you deliver to them an attractive article about the niche in which both their publication and your product belong – and you just happen to major on your product as being newsworthy; and it is written in their house style and is the length they are comfortable with so it fits into their usual page layouts then it is quite possible they will print the article without even editing it.

And what did you put into your article? Why, your website address, the product name, your company name and contact details so that the readers of that publication will have no difficulty at all in finding your website or picking up the phone to order. All in a nice subtle way, but just make sure they are there.

So what’s the secret? It’s the research and tailoring the article to fit easily and neatly into the editors product. After all, what editor is going to complain if a contributor makes their life so easy?