Getting Up Close and Personal

One of the very best ways of developing your internet business is by attending events. Not necessarily to learn new things, though that almost invariably happens, but also to stand in the way of good fortune so that it can run you over.

By that I mean that this is where the product developers, gurus, mentors and lots of successful people hang out – for exactly the same reason. Events are an opportunity to get together with successful people to try to ensure that some of that success rubs off on you.

Make sure you take your camera and a recorder with you because this is where you will have the opportunity to have pictures taken with your favourite guru – a proven way of building your own credibility by association. There is also the possibility of grabbing a short interview on your recorder that you can use as a bonus or even sell if it carries enough content.

Now read my lips (metaphorically speaking, of course).
Do What I Say – Not What I Do!

Why – because last Friday I was with Stephen and Alicia Pierce at the Ultimate Business Seminar in London and I did NOT have my camera with me. But for some kind help from fellow SMCC member TK who took this photo of me with Alicia I would have nothing at all.

My shot with Stephen is still sitting on Alicia’s camera somewhere in Australia right now. I’m planning to send her this link as a public request so if she’s real nice she will send it back to me.

Please, Alicia…

with Stephen Pierce

..and not 3 hours later - Alicia comes up trumps!


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