Growing Your Online Business In An Organized Way

I’ve just emerged from a snowstorm of emails after subscribing to the JVAlert event charity product where the delegates gave themselves 90 minutes to put together a product from which they would give the proceeds to charity.

Needless to say, for a peanut price you got a welter of giveaway products similar to the Christmas giveaways.  Frankly, this usually irritates the hell out of me because the whole process is so convoluted as you sign up for seemingly millions of lists and then have to try to clean up your In box for weeks afterwards.

Anyway, the point is that somewhere among the snowstorm I came across ResourceCashmaps.  which offers a FREE summary of key online resources in the form of process maps. 

I have to tell you – I was glad I signed up to the whole package to come across this one diamond.  The package consists of a set of process maps – called Cashmaps – that show you the steps necessary to setting up and growing an online business.  That’s easy to say but when I downloaded it and saw the content I knew this was worth it’s weight in gold.

At each step, there are one or more online resources that are referenced so that you can see exactly when and where to use the resource.

You can read more about it here.


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