WordPress Vulnerabilities

For those using the vanilla flavour of free WordPress it is worth remembering that no website is ever completely safe from the unwanted attentions of those who have nothing better to do than try to screw up other people’s hard work.

A colleague of mine in the Smart Marketing Coaching Club recently reported an email he received from Google telling him of problems on one of his blogs.  You can read his story and about the solution on his blog here.

There is a secondary word of warning to build in to this story. His first concern when he received the email from Google was his suspicion that it was not genuine – and quite rightly too.  This is very similar to those infamous phishing emails asking you to log in to your bank account or Paypal in order to verify your details.  Don’t do it – no reputable financial institution will ever ask you to log in by any other means than through your normal login.  In this case it turned out to be legitimate but it was worth checking in any event.

So the story is to keep your WordPress blog up to date with every update just as soon as they become available on the WordPress site.


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