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I’ve just completed a very useful teleseminar led by Diane Corriette about monetizing your blog. Diane focuses on helping women with successful businesses off line to take advantage of online marketing methods in order to expand their business and blogs are a major plank in that strategy.

As I’ve already determined for myself, blogging is a great way to publish and manage your own website without paying webmaster rates.

In effect, the blogging software keeps your content correctly coded within strict parameters as well as giving you the means by use of Categories and Tags to identify and label your content so that you, your visitors and, most importantly, the search engines can find it at any time either now or in the future.

The greatest benefit, of course, in this busy world is being able to publish and edit your website content from anywhere you can access the internet. You can find out more about the technicalities on my page about [blogging->blogging].

With a piece of software which is essentially a content management system all nicely signposted with your categories and tags then getting search engine attention is pretty easy. First of all decide on half a dozen keywords related to your niche or subject area.

Then pick one for each of your posts. If you are writing to your niche anyway then your content should automatically fall into one of your keyword areas. Then ensure that your keyword is in your post title, then in the first and last sentence of your post. If you can spread it around within your post, together with other words and phrases associated with your subject then so much the better. But certainly do not overdo it.

After that it is just a matter of consistent persistence. Post regularly 2 or 3 times a week and over a 6 month period you will find yourself steadily climbing the search engine rankings. A friend of mine, Raymond Chua, set himself the task of posting every day for 365 days on his site about the Law of Attraction.

The result? In 1 year he reached #10 in Google in a niche with 18 million websites. That certainly demonstrates that you need nothing more than a little time and determination to get the ranking and the traffic that comes from that. Once you have the traffic then you will be in a position to seriously monetize your blog.


Bruce is an Internet Business Consultant working with successful business owners to improve their online marketing efforts and ensure they achieve a return on investment. You can find his business site over at

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