Blog Comments For Traffic – The Proof

One of the methods recommended to generate traffic to your website is to locate highly ranked blogs on your subject and make a Comment on a recent blog post. Naturally, you include a signature file after your post linked back to a page within your own site that is relevant to the subject.

This is an opportunity to obtain both one way links deep into your site for the SE spiders and also a doorway into your site for human traffic that is already interested in your subject matter.

While lapping up this sort of information from your teacher/mentor this traffic strategy sounds eminently sensible while at the same time rather difficult to pin down. How do you know this use of blog comments really works?

Well, here’s the proof. I recently put up a new blog site. The subject is something of a hobby of mine rather than a project I was aggressively marketing and is in a very small niche market, in fact I don’t think it’s a market at all.

So my inspection of the weekly scheduled Google Analytics report that was sitting in my email In tray for a blog on which I was expecting little traffic anyway was quite cursory until the large percentage of referred traffic caught my eye.

By the way, if you are not using Google Analytics then you really should – especially when it is so easy to install on WordPress blogs.

Drilling down into the report I found that most of the referred traffic was coming from a single inbound link and isolating that link in the report told me that it was a single, very cursory comment I had made on a high ranking blog.

Blog comments traffic spikeThe effect was to attract in excess of 100 visitors to my site that day and although the traffic diminished it has stabilized at around 15 unique visitors per day.

The great thing about this, other than the traffic, of course, is that I am using Google Reader to scan and monitor relevant RSS feeds to give me content and ideas for my site. So I had actually taken the news content from the high ranking site and put a little effort into re-writing it then posted it on my blog.

So I had up-to-date, relevant content on my blog. It was only as an afterthought that I put a very cursory comment on the ‘donor’ blog. Result: a flock of birds killed with one stone. Fresh, new content for continuity and SE ranking, participation in the subject community, lots of inbound traffic and a long lasting inbound link.

Blog comments? Yes, they work gangbusters!


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