Give Away Easy Video Producer To Build Your List

Joel Therien at Kiosk hosting is about to go public (that’s Monday 2 March) with his Easy Video Producer service that enables you to make and publish videos with one click.

The best part of it is that once subscribed (for FREE) you can also give it away for free in order to build your list.  With the growth and effectiveness of video marketing being able to give this service away for free is going to be a great viral list building tool.

When the people who sign up with you also give the product away then everyone who signs up with them is also on your downline and your downline will go 10 levels deep.

Like several of these viral list building tools the one disadvantage is that everyone is subscribing to a list held by the product owner – to which you can mail once a week.  However, you do have the ability to use one of your mailings to invite them onto your own autoresponder – after which you will have them on two lists!

Of course, there is an upsell to a massive package and then a downsell for a reduced package.  So it is an interesting journey through the marketing process for marketing professionals.

However, as a free offer I can’t think of a sensible reason to refuse Easy Video Producer.


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