Monthly Archives: July 2009

More Book And Research Resources

I came across some more useful information on research sources.  These are particularly of book sites that offer either online access to original documents you would never otherwise have the opportunity to see or to free pdfs of books and other documents, many of them downloadable. As before, they’re on the [Public Domain->] page although […]

Research Resource

With all four partners running hard to get set up we’re having to do some rapid research on various subject. That led me a research resource that I thought I would share with you.  I’ve tucked the information on into the page on [Public Domain->] although I’m not entirely sure that’s where it […]

Smart Marketing Warriors

The Global Internet Summit in London last weekend has converted a concept development idea into a need for massive action. A few weeks ago, four of us from the monthly  Smart Marketing meetup decided that as our monthly meetings had slowly expanded from a couple of hours on a Saturday morning to fill most of […]