Three Easy Lessons To Ensure Email Deliverability For Your Membership Site

Several years ago I heard Alex Mandossian say that if you are not spending 95% of your time on marketing then you are doomed to failure.  This is why I hate spending time messing around with technical things and go for the easy option whenever possible.

Yet so many software tools are increasingly so easy to use that it is easy to be led into a potential time wasting trap – and get caught out by relatively simple things.

email-deliverabilityI’ve just fallen into one such trap with a membership site and am only just fighting my way out.  Yet although it was the membership site project that suffered it was not the cause of the problem – that was down to good old hosting standards and email deliverability.

Looking on the positive side I now know more about how to avoid such problems in the future.  But was the loss of six weeks of my time worth the lesson – I don’t think so!

Find out how you can protect yourself by reading the full story about email deliverability here.


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