Pedalling, Pain and Social Marketing

Social Media Marketing has empowered all sorts of charitable and other organisations as well as businesses to reach audiences, communicate needs and touch lives that would have been beyond their capability as well as their bank balances before Facebook, Twitter and the like.

Social marketing also enables businesses to turn their social media audience to charitable purposes when the mood takes them.

Patrick during Cheshire Cat

Patrick during Cheshire Cat 2010

That’s a roundabout way of introducing my son, Patrick, who is about to launch himself on a solo cycle ride 1,100 miles up the length of Britain from Land’s End to John O’Groats. What’s more he’s doing it on his own and with no support.  Why put himself through what will inevitably prove to be the sorest a*** he has ever had?   Answer; to raise money for his girlfriend’s charity.

So the mood takes me to throw all the rules about not making personal appeals in your business communications out of the window because, ultimately, it is what you care about that matters.

There will inevitably be some unsubscribes from my list and followers but I will take that hit in the hope that some people who read this will contribute and help make his efforts worthwhile using the JustGiving widget in the right sidebar.

You can read more about what his girlfriend, Hannah, is up to and why he’s doing this over at

He’s big and ugly and I just love him. (And the other one, too)

If you’ve got this far – then think about contributing – use the blue ‘Just Giving’ widget top of the right sidebar.

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