Are The Critical Elements of Your Squeeze Page Visible?

The perceived wisdom for effective landing and squeeze pages is that the optin box by which you would like your visitors to join your list should be ‘above the fold’, i.e. visible to your visitors without them having to scroll down.

But is what you see also what your visitors see – given the multitude of screen sizes, resolutions and browsers out there?  One way to find out is to use one of Google Labs tools called Browsersize.

The attention of left to right readers will inevitably start at the top left corner of the page and Google has used the analytics data it has gathered from visitors to its own home page to develop ‘browsersize’ to show just how much of your page is visible to what percentage of your visitors by drawing contour lines overlaid on the URL you input.

Here’s my home page where, at the time, a donate widget for my son’s charity efforts has temporarily moved my optin boxes down the page.  All the same, you can see that the ‘donate’ widget may not be immediately visible to between 5-10% of visitors.


Browsersize in use

Browsersize looks like another useful little tool coming out of Google Labs.  Try browsersize for yourself at and keep an eye on Google Labs for other useful tools.

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