About Me

Hi, this site is the accumulated story of my internet marketing journey starting back in 2004.

This site started as a password protected site for my own use where I could assemble all the useful information that I discovered and I could access it myself from anywhere that I happened to be.

It was also a time when I was still in the corporate mindset of believing that the information was 'mine' - and had not yet understood about giving and sharing useful information.

Bruce Bird

Then I found myself discussing some problem with my internet marketing friends and recommending them to a link that I knew was on my site - but then realised that the site was password protected and they could not see the useful information I was pointing them to.

That was the point that this website came out into the daylight, I removed the password protection and started to tidy it up a bit so that it looked more presentable.

Since then it has gone through progressive change as I learn new things and reorganise the content.

I've been in online marketing since 2004 mostly working in affiliate marketing and used WordPress for affiliate sites.

So I have a modicum of knowledge which continues to grow. But, like most marketers, I'm a non-technical person.  It continues to annoy me that I continue to have to remind so many Help desks and Support services when I have to call to ask why their product does not behave the way they say it will.

I've moved on since then and now offer online marketing services to small and medium sized companies specialising in local search marketing.

However, it remains the case that: 'Just paste this into your website' and 'It should work now.' are phrases that should be struck from the vocabulary. They are too frequently used by support desks at 3rd party service companies and so often inaccurate.

What I'm saying is that I know what it feels like when things don't work, I've been there - too often in many cases.

So I've tried to give an objective view of products and services as I see them. It might not be technically accurate and I might even be barking up entirely the wrong tree. But this is internet marketing as I see it.

I hope you find it useful and that you enjoy whatever you may learn from my voyage of discovery.

What did I do before this second life in online marketing?

I worked in the air cargo charter business where I have a few claims to fame:

  • I introduced computer aided design to the air cargo industry back in the 1980s (using an Apple 2, no less!)
  • I was instrumental in breaking the Aeroflot monopoly of aviation in the disintegrating Soviet Union in 1990 as the founding member and subsequently Directore of the Charter Division of Air Foyle working with the Antonov Design Bureau operating the Antonov An124.
  • and was responsible for the world record heaviest single piece of air cargo at 135.2 tonnes of power station stator from Dusseldorf to Delhi for Siemens.

In the process I took an air cargo charter business from zero to 70 million usd annual turnover in 12 years.

It sounds very different to this online marketing business but actually it's exactly the same. Build relationships with your customers and they will come back time and again.

To contact me, please email using the Contact page