Test And Track

One of the great virtues of the internet is that things can happen at phenomenal speed.  That can mean overnight success.  It can also mean that if you are doing the wrong thing then the negative consequences can be catastrophic and will continue for as long as you don’t know about the consequences of your actions.

So you must test and track every part of your marketing efforts.

Testing means split testing.  Using the technology available with the internet to offer two or more alternatives to alternating visitors.  Then the benefit of the speed of the internet comes into play because you will quickly accumulate the data that tells you which one of your alternatives is performing better.

As usual, Google rapidly caught on to the needs of its marketing users and now makes its Website Optimizer available from within Google Adwords.  This actually allows you to test far more than just a simple two way split test and best of all, it’s free.

Tracking means that when you cast your bait into the internet pond, in the form maybe of a link in the resource box of an article you submit to the article directories, you want to know how much traffic arrives at your site by following that link.

If you have written 10 articles for example then you want to know which one is most effective in attracting attention.  So give them all different adtracker codes in your resource box and you will soon have the information you seek.  Why do you want that?  Because then you can look at the article, the style, the length, the content and move your subsequent articles towards the style of the most effective one so far.

The mantra is: Maximize and Optimize

Adtracking gives you the ability to measure where you are at the moment, try something new and measure the effect.  That’s Optimizing.

There is an adtracking facility in TotalBusinessCart which is very good but this routes links through the cart so that it can measure the activity for you before passing the traffic on to your site – so you don’t get the linking benefit.

If you are writing articles as a linking strategy then you want the links to come directly to your website. Adtrackz in installed on your website server and tracks links from any origin.

$79 for 1 domain. You don’t have to worry about installation. Pay $97 and they will install it for you. Well worth the peace of mind if you are new at rummaging around in your hosting account.


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