Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is often considered to be the quickest way into making an income online while developing your own product or niche and even as a way of doing the market research to uncover what your product is going to be.

However, it has moved on considerably from the easy and straightforward days and now you need the cutting edge.

For that you need to invest in your education and some or all of the following ebooks will help you to get down and dirty with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Project X
Day Job Killer – I think you will be offered Affiliate Project X as an OTO on DayJobKiller.
Confessions of a Lazy Super Affiliate – Chris Rempel
Dominating Clickbank – Andrew Fox
Affiliate X Factor – Andrew Fox

To find affiliates:

Affiliate marketing websites – where you can sign up to market other people’s products: Clickbank deals only with digital products. – Commission Junction

http://www.shareasale.comShare A Sale

Finding programs paying lifetime commissions.

This is pretty important.  Many affiliate programs will pay you when you send them a prospect, the prospect buys the product and the vendor pays you commission.  That’s fine except that the customer, who you introduced to the vendor, is now on the vendors list and the vendor is dealing directly.

Some affiliate programs pay lifetime commissions where you will receive commission on anything that customer buys from the vendor at any time.  That’s obviously far preferable from your point of view and is a recognition by the vendor of the value you have brought to the relationship. is a website providing information on affiliate programs paying lifetime commissions – and well worth a read for lots of other information you need to know if you are seriously going into affiliate marketing.

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