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subject Alicia, question from Smart Marketing Warriors
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Jeez, you do go through email addresses like a dose of salts!
You kindly gave access to Stephen’s latest products to the Smart Marketing Warriors.
For the sake of good order we would like to be clear what we can do with the contents. ¬†We obviously don’t want to fall out with anyone!
Would the following be OK with you?
When offering training as Smart Marketing Warriors:
1. If we use the material as it is then it must remain branded as original and credit given to Impulsive Profits.
2. If we make the effort to absorb, review and re-purpose the material from Impulsive Profits then the re-purposed presentation may be branded as Smart Marketing Warriors.
3. Should SMW students desire more detailed info then we may refer them back to Impulsive Profits products as affiliate.
Best regards
Bruce Bird