Squeeze Pages

Squeeze pages are the pages that you land on which request your name and email address before passing you through to the main sales page.  They are usually pretty short as they are not trying to sell you the product but simply trying to ‘squeeze’ your email address out of you.

Once you understand the sales funnel and the principles of maximising and optimising your business then you will understand why collecting your visitos email address is so important.  Basically, the value of each subscriber over the lifetime of your relationship with them until they unsubscribe is far greater than the cost of whatever you may pay to obtain that name on your list.  That’s why businesses which have ongoing profit potential, and credit cards are a good example, are prepared to pay $25-$50 just for a lead.  They know perfectly well that they will recover far more than that from the charges made on that customer when he takes their credit card and starts paying.

There are various theories about squeeze pages, just as there are about sales pages.  But what you should be doing is measuring and split testing your squeeze pages as you do every other part of your sales process.

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