If you decide to move away from digital only and into physical products, a path that can add substantially to your profits, then the effectiveness and cost of your fulfilment becomes important.

Organisations that provide these services, i.e. the production, printing, labelling, packing and despatch of your products are known as fulfilment houses and can usually be found after some effort in your local environment.

Alternatively, you can go with some of the big players who provide excellent, worry free service but at the expense of higher costs.

CreateSpace.com is one of these linked to Amazon and Kunaki is another. Their production prices are frankly extraordinarily low although you do have to take into account the additional percentage take with CreateSpace – and the fact that they are US oriented.  However, in exchange for the hands and worry free service offered that’s a business decision you need to take yourself.

If you are in the UK then Alpha Duplication is one of the biggest.

Blurb is another one that I have just come across.

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