If there is one tool you absolutely must have to organise your User IDs and Passwords it is Roboform.

In your internet marketing journey you will end up with lots of them – and I mean hundreds!

Storing them, organising them and then entering them automatically is what Roboform does.  I cannot emphasise enough just how much time this little tool will save you.  Nor the improvement in your security that it brings with multiple strong passwords kept in the software but only 1 master password to remember.

It also has Safenotes which does exactly what it says on the label, enables you to make a note and keep it in a safe place – i.e. all in Roboform. Both Safenotes and Logins can be organised in the same sort of heirarchical structure as you might use for the rest of your information organisation.

Free to test up to 10 ids – then $29.95.  Invaluable time saver.

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