Skype for Free Telephone Calls.

Skype was the first VOIP (voice over internet protocol) service.  

Very useful (i.e. totally free) when working with colleagues when you are all sitting in front of your machine.  Invaluable for keeping down the cost of teleconferences using Skypeout (internet to normal telephone) – which is cent(s)/minute UK to USA and a 1 hour coaching call costs pennies.

Good for transferring large files and some file types which are not accepted by some email carriers.  Video on the latest version.

Bad for Skypeout to mobile phones – sound quality is unreliable.

Many mainline phone service providers are now moving to VOIP.

If you want to record your conversations or a teleseminar that you access using SkypeOut then Skype has an add-on called Pamela.

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