Installing RSS Power Plus Pro

Installing RSS Power Plus Pro

Installing RSS Power Plus Pro

Add plugin using zip installation

Install plugin from zip file

Use the WP plugin installation from zip – not ftp.


Open Options

Change permissions using ftp program

Check this even if no warning comes up – upgrade to Pro does not seem to trigger the warning.

Create new folder for feeds

Create subdirectory within rss-feeds

Change CHMOD to 777

Enter directory information

Update Options
Go to Manage Aggregators within the plugin menu.
Within Manage Aggregators, an asterisk beside the name indicates that it needs a username and PW.
These will all be ‘Not ready’ until you enter the necessary information.

Edit Aggregator

Only need to click on the top Build Parameters.

Click on Build Parameters to open Login Profile

Go to aggregator to create account to obtain username and pw.

Enter details

Enter details and Test Login to check OK.

Create Additional Profiles

Remember to create an additional account before creating additional profiles if you wish.
The software will post to random profiles on one service if you have more than one profile. This will reduce the footprint.

Enable the Aggregator service

After setting up the profiles then return to Manage Aggregators and Enable that service.
Complete multiple accounts for all in the list to create minimum footprint.

Complete email address for notification of log files.

Set Cron job.

Click on Update Options after setting Enable Cron job.
This sets the software to use the server cron to schedule posting instead of posting when you publish the blog post – which may keep you waiting.

Cron jobs

Copy and Save to text file on PC as e.g. cronjob.php (note php ext)

FTP cronjob.php to root area

Add cron job in cPanel

Command: php -q http://…..


Post existing posts

Cron job will enable backlog of existing posts to be published without interfering with current work.

To see the schedule within cron

Cron will submit one post each time..

…according to the schedule set until all have been posted.
1. Do not set the cron job.
2. Select Update Existing.
3. The backlog will be posted one at a time each time someone visits the website until they are all cleared.

Import/Export profiles

Recommended to set up different profiles for each domain to minimise footprint.
Pro version is licenced for up to 5 domains.