Making Money

Making money, which is the prime purpose of most of us marketing on the internet, is often called ‘monetisation’ , essentially, finding some way to convert the traffic that you attract into customers who will pay you money.

This essentially depends on the decision that you make about which business model you are going to use to make money on the internet. Lets assume that you do not currently have a product. The classic process is that you start generating traffic by some means. Place Google Adsense on your site and start making a little money.

As your skills improve and you find out more about what is available you locate CPA ads (Cost per Action or Cost per Acquisition). These are ads direct from vendors which cut out the Google middleman. They tend to pay substantially more than Adsense and also enable you to test better which ads for which products are actually getting more attention and sales from your visitors. In effect, by testing the ads, and being paid in the process, your market is telling you exactly what they are interested in.

You can then research which affiliate products best match your visitors interests and keep on optimising your sales process linked with the most attractive and most profitable affiliate products. From there you can go on to develop your own products to meet the specific niche demand that you have identified.

There are some easily identified ways of making money that you should be implementing on your web site(s) with your current traffic.

All of them you should be using (or have good reasons you’re not):
– Selling text links
– Pay-per-click ads
– Affiliate product sales
– Direct sales of your own products
– Selling adspace/banner ads
– Upsells to affiliate products (affiliate marketing)
– Paid reviews
– name/email collection (and later upsell/email marketing)
– CPA offers

More on specific subjects:

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Content Creation

Web Site Content Wizard Another software package written by David Watson in London. Enables you to process an existing article into many variations on the same subject. Astonishing demonstration of producing 100 articles in 6 seconds on the sales page – though don’t forget this is the result of his working with the software and ‘training’ the built in thesaurus for some time. It will take you a while to reach that sort of speed.

‘Spinning’ articles into multiple variations is not as good as having unique articles but is still a valuable capability to have, especially if you need to feed your sites with new pages and articles tailored to specific ‘long tail’ keyword phrases. So Website Content Wizard is software that can be used for various purposes.

Note that David Watson appears to have disappeared, so to speak.  See the Comment below.


This is a sort of magical, mystery tour of affiliate marketing where they make single internet marketing product available at a heavily discounted price each day. It’s worth signing up for the opportunity to buy at heavily discounted prices as well as to pass on the link and sign your friends up as well. They should thank you for the money saving opportunity as well as for the lifetime affiliate scheme that is built in.

Follow this link for the full story on

Money From Mistakes

It’s surprising how many people end up typing in the wrong URL or even your navigation sends them to a page that you have changed or removed. Catching those visitors who end up on a 404 error page and either rerouting them or even making them a great offer is another hole in your leaky income bucket stopped up. Take a look at for a neat solution.

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