A couple of years ago I bought the Article Announcer software package from Jason Potash.  Frankly, I was so impressed, not so much by the software although that is good in itself, but by the total coverage he gave to every aspect of delivering to his customers absolutely everything he knew about writing and publishing articles as a marketing strategy.

It was an object lesson in how to deliver and internet marketing product, and also in the effect of doing it well which results in building a loyal following because I have bought every one of his products since then – despite the fact that I have not used one of the most expensive ones as I just have not got round to it.  I see the free updates coming out for each of the products and the ongoing support to buyers and I just know that I want to be in at the beginning of anything that he produces.

This is where we get to the opportunity he has just dumped in the lap of his existing customers – to get in at the beginning of

DealDotCom is going live at 1200 on Tuesday 18th Sep with all the usual internet marketing hype through all the ‘guru’ lists.  But he has given his existing customers the opportunity to get in as affiliates even before the launch – so we can pass it on to our friends, contacts and partners and steal a march on the big guys.

Why should you bother – isn’t it just another product launch.  What’s in it for you?

As I read it, DealDotCom is going to offer some of the best and most successful internet marketing products at heavily discounted prices – but in limited quantity each day.  So if you want something yourself then you need to be signed up to get the cheap prices.  There will just be one item each day – but hey, that’s 365 different products per year!

If you live East of the United States, i.e. Europe, Mid and Far East/Australasia you get a great advantage. Each day’s single item will be released at midnight Central Time each day.  So while all our dear American cousins are getting their beauty sleep until the morning, all the rest of us are up and about.  So we get first bite at the cherry.

Most importantly, for those working on getting into internet marketing, the affiliate program is 2 tier and runs forever.  That’s right, forever. (Well I suppose that means until the visitor clears the cookies on their machine but at least it shows good intent.)  The first tier is 35% and the second tier, i.e. the people that your signups sign up, is 15%, so the total affiliate commission is 50%.  Granted, on a heavily discounted price but who’s complaining when all you have to do is pass on the opportunity and invite people to sign up.

So here’s your opportunity.  There are bound to be things I forgot to mention but read the whole story at


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