Lead Generation

Mark Vernum has developed a great concept that is simple to implement but gives you a business that you control and is highly lucrative.

Basically, all the sites struggling to get to the top of the generic search engines and those using PPC advertising to gain visibility are trying to obtain one thing – leads. And the real cost is not the cost per click – but the cost per lead that they are able to capture. So 100 people may click through an ad and cost them money – but if they only succeed in obtaining the contact details from 2 of those visitors then they have spent 100 click payments for 2 leads. So the cost per lead is substantially higher even than the top cost per click.

So with very simple sites whose only purpose is to extract the lead information you accumulate leads. This is after researching the top 10 sites in your niche to find out who is spending the most money and who is most inefficient at gaining leads from their spend. These are your customers for the leads you have generated.

Then you go back to old style business, telephone, email, visits – to reach agreement on their purchase of your leads – which are cheaper per lead than what they are paying, substantially less hassle to obtain and probably at least if not more productive.

And the list remains your property for upsells, cross-sells, development of own product etc. Getting back to real business and away from the flim-flam of the internet.

Mark’s Lead Generation Videos are an example to other marketers to show how you should give all the information, clearly and demonstrably. Excellent.

Lead Generation Videos

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