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Image by rosweed via Flickr There’s just no telling where or when your various promotional strategies are going to pay off.  Internet marketing is a cumulative numbers business and one of the most important things to remember is to be methodical. So when it comes to blogging the way in which you publish your post […]

Blogging – The Universal Solution?

Blogs and blogging has become such a universal solution for the development of websites. It is interesting to see just how many big internet marketing players launch new products and services which are either built on or supported by blogs. Their origins may not be immediately obvious after a css coder has been recruited to […]

WordPress 2.6 Released For Bloggers

The latest version of WordPress has been released today to make bloggers lives even easier. It has a number of useful additional features related to being able to being able to go back to previous versions of posts as well as making posting directly from the web even easier. Later – 18 July: And the […]