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This is a subscription web service that does a good job of distributing your articles to all the most effective places.

If you want to be very focussed on the two heavyweights in the field then submit to and

Article Announcer

is PC based software from Jason Potash. An expensive product at $379 but it comes with a vast amount of useful information and expertise. If you are going to use articles as a major strategy then this is well worth while. However, it is more time consuming working through the growing mass of article directories to submit your articles. The way to avoid this is only to submit to those article directories with high Page Rank of which there are about 40 as at my latest count.

Here’s a document with some screen shots I took at the time showing the article directories with PR greater than 4.

I found the expertise contained in Article Announcer was worth the money, never mind the software, so I use the expertise from Jason’s product but have gone back to paying to do the distribution. I find it’s a more effective use of my time.

Keyword density checker. This is just a free tool for checking keyword density. Similar to the one provided by Jason Potash in Article Announcer.

Press Releases

Another variant of article publishing is by regular issues of Press Releases. They work on the same principle that your press release can contain a link back to your site and you make it available for free to be published on other sites.

Webwire is a low cost press distribution service

PRWeb is the big player but more expensive – but also try

– and the latest entrant that came to my attention is

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