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The quickest way is using link directories – especially if you have a big subject area. But you can get a lot of irrelevancy and not enough links develop if you have a niche site. I found that using specific software was most effective.

To find directories and sites willing to exchange links use Google with <“keyword phrase” +add url” > or <“keyword phrase” +addsite> or <“keyword phrase “ +submit site”>

You can try these: Webrings or Zeus:

Free linking services I have not tried this but presumably it does what it says on the packet. Recommended by a friend of mine.



If you want to personalise your link collection and really monitor who you exchange links with then and keep your link directory really relevant then this software is magic!

It harvests relevant website links, uses variable templates to create multiple personalised versions of link request emails – the only sort that work. Infinitely variable status levels that you can edit yourself.

Assembles a single list of links with infinitely variable hierarchical structure of categories, creates your link pages, publishes them to your website, enables you to change the status of multiple partners with one click. Create an email address e.g. and send and receive all your link email traffic from within the software so it does not clog up your main email account.

Very good help support desk when I had some early issues. The implementation of the web browser for viewing your candidate link partners within the software is not always effective when dealing with with poorly designed websites and frames. I just open a copy of IE alongside and tab between the two.

Link Directory Submitter:

Submitting your site to directories is one certain way of getting reciprocal links. This software automates the process as far as possible and keeps on updating the Directories database with which it works. Now in excess of 600 directories.

You can also find directories that will sell you a one way inbound link. Buy one or two PR7 inbound links for 12 months to really gain some credibility.


Submission Services

I was in the midst of firing up another session of directory submissions recently when I came across These people offer human submission at the rate of 14c/link for one way inbound links. I quickly totted up what I thought my time was worth and set up my account with them. As they also keep all records for you, dribble the submissions in over a period that you select and promise to keep on submitting to any additional directories that may appear I think that is fantastic value.

They also offer 7 high PR directories which I would guess are their own and sell guaranteed one way high PR links. I paid another $128 one time payment for those as well. I’m working on a project that will bring in 5 times that for every sale so the result is worth the investment.

Having said that, if you are in the business of buying links, and it is a very effective method of getting high PR links – you only need 2 or 3 maybe PR 7 links in the beginning to really get you flying. Buy them by the month and cancel after 2 or 3 months when you have achieved your goal. Being high up the rankings will make your site very attractive for others to exchange reciprocal links with. So if you are buying then you may find this little tool useful for estimating what you should be paying:


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Forum Posting and Blog Commenting

This is an excellent way of developing inbound links from other relevant sources and is dealt with at length on the Forums and Commenting page.


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