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There are various teleconference and webinar software tools and services available which are very useful especially if you want to relate personally with your customers, for example if you are a coach or mentor, or want to promote or deliver products in this way.

If you are certain that this is the way you want to go then investing in the best is a good idea. is a product fronted by Rick Raddatz which, at the time of writing (May 09), is claiming solutions to all the major problems that arise in teleconfences.  Having just listened to the introductory call myself the Nconnect team certainly seem to have covered all the bases in terms of making sure that things do not go wrong on your calls. looks like a very useful looking webinar service with the advantage that you can start off with day rates of just $9.95 per day.

At the other end of the spectrum you can run teleconferences for free with or


Interent technology is constantly developing and the latest and newest tool I found allows anyone to host there own webinar meetings without any costs.

DimDim – and another one at Yugma as well as Mikogo and Freebinar

Afraid I have not had the chance to check these out yet – just another indication that technology is advancing faster than we can keep up.

Perhaps a reminder of, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.  Otherwise put that if you find something that works for you then stick with it.  It will be far more cost effective to get value from what you are using than waste yet more time researching something which may be no better.

And don’t forget that unless you really are pushing the limits of the tool you are using at the moment – and have found some limitation that is really frustrating you, then you probably don’t need anything else, even if it will extend your capabilities by another 3%!

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