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Public Domain content – is useful for finding additional bonuses to add to your offer, or just for additional free content.  There are various organised sources including:

You could get lost for hours if not days in Gutenberg and Ulib.  As public domain you can repackage this content in any number of ways to create your own products.

Another source of useful information if not exactly public domain can be found at where authors can lodge their documents for download.

Docstoc is a repository of publically shared professional documents. There, you have access to over 3 Million professional documents, templates, and forms you can preview and download for free at anytime.  You can also publish your documents to Docstock to build your own credibility.

Another source of useful information either for research or as content is at where there are many books made available in pdf format.  Not free but a very quick way of accessing published books in pdf format – which will preserve the detail of diagrams, illustrations etc.  You make up your own mind whether you are prepared to trade the time that you save for the price. is free and is also known as Google Book Search. Here you will find all sorts of free book and magazine content and quite a lot of it is downloadable.  Playing to it’s strengths, the Google search facility is particularly good and will drag up references to your search from deep in the bowels of the millions of pages that Google scans in as part of its book scanning program.

At the quality end of the spectrum, has some 400 priceless original texts scanned in high resolution provides the opportunity for you to at least see the originals of these irreplaceable treasures, even if you can’t touch.

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